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New Study: More Than Half of ICOs Successful, Opposing Recent Bearish Claims

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Concept of ICO funding successful. Source: shutterstock.com

According to a recent research report by ICO advisory firm Satis Group, about 54 percent of the total money raised through ICOs went to successful ventures. The report, published on Bloomberg LP, suggests that the ICO market is doing well despite the recent bearish trend in the crypto markets overall. This new data opposes the findings from another study which recently reported that most ICOs meet an early death.

ICO Market Doing Great

In 2018, ICOs have raised billions of dollars. This is happening despite the crypto market’s poor performance. The first half of the year has witnessed substantial growth which suggests rising interest despite falling prices of Ethereum and Bitcoin, coins largely used by ICOs to raise funds. Moreover, some crypto projects have moved out of the US, fearing existing regulations, into jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, and others. This could also be partly responsible for the growth in the ICO sector.

However, the year-on-year figures do not impress as much. This is primarily because of regulatory uncertainty around the globe, especially in the US. Moreover, the bear market in cryptocurrencies has left investors high and dry, reducing their risk appetite.

A strong factor for the slow growth in ICOs has been the proposed changes to platforms like Ethereum, which are used to create ICO tokens and raise funds. The projects seeking investments could be apprehensive about the changes in the existing infrastructure. At the same time, they may also hesitate to use lesser-known platforms for launching their tokens.

The good news is that around 50% of the funds raised to date went to the top 10% of ICOs. The top 2% of these projects hold approximately 10% of the money raised.

The Dark Side of the Coin

The report states that although the total amount raised through ICOs has increased this year, the average amount raised in premium projects that collect more than $6 million has gone down.

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