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Robin8 Beta Launches the World’s First Blockchain Influencer Solution

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The first social media influencer search engine in China, Robin8, has announced a new strategic partnership with a social intelligence consulting firm, Kantar Media CIC. The two will be working together to launch a beta of a revolutionary new KOL profiling system, which will help brands verify influencer data performance using blockchain technology. The new product will also highlight a new use case of distributed ledgers in social media marketing and actionable analytics.

Growing Chinese Influencer Marketing Industry

Influencer marketing is one of the most growth-oriented industries in China. However, with growth, it also has to face problems with fake data. With the KOL blockchain solution, the company aims to bring more transparency in data and help advertisers find more effective influencers to work with.

Fake data have been rising consistently in the industry and Tencent-owned WeChat intended to crack down on this problem in September 2016. However, after this move, several WeChat subscription accounts that previously had over 10,000 views witnessed a decline in engagement by 90 percent.

Robin8 founder and CEO Miranda Tan talks about fake data:

“[T]he number one issue facing advertisers is fake data. Nowadays, you can buy fake fans, fake clicks and fake likes for pennies.”

Tan noted that apart from fake data, the problem with data ownership is huge in social media. Though tons of content, including pictures and personal information, are shared every day on the social media platform, the users do not own or control their data. Third parties do not bother with data protection, per Tan.

How Will KOL Change Influencer Campaigns?

As the first influencer search engine in China, Robin8 uses big data, artificial intelligence and NLP to profile, rank and match people based on their social media data. The company has launched a new Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES) on blockchain. Its partnership with KMCIC, to begin next month, will help brands identify and verify influencers on this platform. This solution is geared toward advertisers who demand better value for their money.

KMCIC also launched Cooperator XI, which will be powered by Robin8’s KOL function. Embedded into the Cooperator XI, the function will allow automated social insights, marketing tools and performance tracking of the brand. Influencers will have to claim their profiles on the blockchain, following which their activities will be stored and recorded on this immutable ledger.

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