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Seedit Successfully Tests TRON (TRX) for Twitter Integration

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COLOGNE, GERMANY - MARCH 02, 2018: Closeup of Screen with TWITTER LOGO. Source; shutterstock.com

TRON-based Seedit announced on August 8 that it successfully tested TRX for Twitter integration while stating that this newly launched service will enable payments and rewards for content creators, musicians, authors, artists and favorite contributors of the mentioned social network.

Seedit Announces Successful Testing of TRON for Twitter Integration

Seedit, a service that was created and launched by the recently chosen TRON Super Representative Sesameseed, has announced in its post on Twitter that it is now ready to launch the service for Twitter, enabling TRX payments through the social media network.  Seedit is available in Telegram already, and following this Twitter announcement, Justin Sun, stated that TRX is now closer to surpassing Ethereum.

TRON’s Seedit to Score Integrations with Kakao, Wechat, and Reddit

Representing a swift payment protocol, Seedit will allow TRX payments at 0.05 TRX for every transaction made with this cryptocurrency, while the fees for other crypto payments should be charged at 0.25 TRX.

As a successfully tested peer-to-peer payment service, Seedit will make integrations with other social media networks after the Twitter implementation is marked as complete, which includes Kakao, the most popular messaging platform in South Korea, as well as WeChat and Reddit.

For a more detailed information on the integration to Kakao, Twitter and Telegram, watch the video below.

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