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[Sellers Beware] 5 Precautions You Can Take To Avoid Scams When Selling Your Items On Carousell

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According to a recent report, it was discovered that scams involving Carousell have increased by 136% in the first half of 2018. While many victims of Carousell scams are buyers, sellers can also fall prey to scams as well.

To avoid getting scammed when selling items on Carousell, here are some precautions you can take to protect yourself against unscrupulous buyers.

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# 1 Arrange A Physical Meet Up

A physical meet up is a good way to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the transaction and to resolve any potential issue on the spot. It is also a good idea to meet at a public place with sufficient human traffic for your own safety.

If you need a safer venue, consider meeting up at one of the Frasers shopping mall, which are official meet-up points designated by Carousell. These points are monitored by surveillance cameras and security officers in the mall, which provide additional evidence in the event of disputes.

If the buyer insists to have the item delivered and willing to bear the delivery cost, use a tracked parcel service such as Speedpost, which offer compensation of up to $150 per shipment if the parcel is lost during delivery. If the item value is higher, you may also want to increase the liability coverage.

# 2 Capture Proof Of Item’s Condition

Having evidence of the item in the original condition is important if you are selling physical items. For example, if you are selling a bag, it is a good idea to capture videos or images of the bag at various angles such as the exterior of the bag, inner compartments and the zippers.

For example, it is possible that the buyer experiences buyer’s remorse and deliberately damages the item in hope for a full refund. Having proof of the original item condition in such instances can protect you from becoming a victim of scams.

# 3 Establish Upfront Refund/Exchange Conditions

As stated in Carousell Help Centre, every deal on Carousell is considered a private agreement between you and the buyer. Hence it is advisable to communicate the refund or exchange conditions upfront before the transaction takes place. If the buyer lodges an unreasonable dispute, you can use screenshots of the conversation as the evidence for refund and exchange conditions.

For example, you can state that any refund must be done within 3 days of transactions and the item must be returned. Since the refund conditions were clearly stated and agreed upon before the transaction, it will prevent situations whereby the buyer demands a refund after a week or refuses to return the item.

# 4 Check Buyer’s Reviews

In the Carousell mobile app, all users have a “Feedback” column where it displays their reviews as a seller and buyer. You should pay attention to their buyer’s review given by other sellers and avoid dealing with buyers with a lot of negative comments.

For buyers with little or no reviews, it can be difficult to ascertain their credibility. While that should not stop you from dealing with them, be vigilant and do not continue with the deal if the buyer behave suspiciously, which could lead to potential scam.

# 5 Never Divulge Your Personal Details

Never divulge sensitive personal information, even if the buyer appears legit and genuine. Examples of sensitive information are such as your full name, identity card number, mobile number and home address. Keep your conversation within the Carousell mobile app as far as possible. This is to prevent any potential harassment from unscrupulous buyers, such as spam calls or unwanted visits.

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Scams Can Be Avoided With Greater Awareness

Taking the appropriate precautions can help reduce the occurrence of one falling prey to scams. To do this better, it is important to continue to educate yourself and your loved ones.

You can visit the ScamsAlert website by the Singapore Police Force and join online communities like the Singapore Scam Discussion Facebook Group to keep yourself updated on the latest scams happening in Singapore.

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