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Sirin Labs’ Upcoming Phone Has Separate Screen Dedicated to Crypto Transactions

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KONSKIE, POLAND - MAY 08, 2018: Sirin labs token cryptocurrency exchange website displayed on smartphone and stack of coins. Source: shutterstock.com

Sirin Labs, the company that introduced the ultrasecure but also ultraexpensive Solarin smartphone, is about to launch another cool gadget explicitly targeting the crypto crowd. Set to debut this November 2018 is the Finney, dubbed as a crypto phone. One exciting feature of the upcoming mobile gadget that might set it apart from its peers is that it will have a separate screen that is dedicated solely to cryptocurrency transactions.

Safe Screen Activated by Slider

According to Engadget, this separate screen feature called Safe Screen will be activated by a mechanism that’s similar to the slider of old Nokia phones. Users will have to manually slide up Finney’s backplate to reveal a separate display.

This Safe Screen will be solely used for cryptocurrency transactions, making it ultrasecure, which is a very timely feature considering the rising security concerns among crypto investors due to recent hacking incidents. This feature will run on dedicated firmware and will even prompt users to review destination details before sending crypto amounts.

Connected to Crypto Wallet

Sirin Labs wants the Finney to simplify the sometimes complicated process of crypto transactions. The newer phone, which uses 80 percent of Solarin’s software, according to Digital Trends, has an embedded cold storage wallet, along with a DApp (decentralized app) store and a token conversion system.

Opening the 2-inch Safe Screen will activate this crypto wallet, which, by the way, uses a separate microcontroller unit. Closing the screen will automatically shut down the wallet and disconnect it from the net.

Specs of a Flagship Smartphone

Aside from its cryptocurrency functions, Sirin Labs has not forgotten that it is still a smartphone after all. Thankfully, the company decided to load it with specs and features that are on par with flagship smartphone models of leading brands, so average users will still find it handy.

For instance, it will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor and will sport a decent 6-GB RAM. Aside from the 2-inch Safe Screen, the Finney will have a 6-inch main screen as well. The back camera is a 12-megapixel single lens, while the front-facing camera — usually used for selfies — has an 8-megapixel lens.

The Finney will have internal storage of 128 GB. But it is still unknown if it will have a micro-SD slot for expandable storage.

It was revealed that Sirin Labs would not be partnering this time with Flextronics, the manufacturer that produced the pricy Solarin. Instead, the company has contacted the more mass-market-oriented Foxconn to do the job.

The decision to switch manufacturers was to lower production expenses and to come up with a $1,000 price tag for the crypto phone. Sirin Labs knows how to read the target market. With the currently depressed price of cryptocurrencies, it might be hard to sell a handset priced beyond that $1,000 range.

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