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Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card Review: Should High-Income Earners Get This?

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Unlike most Visa Infinite credit cards that require an invitation, the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card can be obtained without waiting for an invite if you have an annual income of S$150,000 or more. If you are a Priority or Private Banking customer, you need to have an annual income of just S$30,000. So if you can get the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card, the question then becomes, “should you get it?”

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Who is the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card for?

  • Frequent travellers who look for travel perks such as accommodation privileges, airport lounge access and complimentary travel insurance
  • People who both earn well and spend well, and can spend more than $2,000 a month

Features of the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card

Pros Cons
  • Up to 3 miles for every S$1 spent overseas
  • Up to 1.4 miles for every S$1 spent locally
  • Points don’t expire
  • Get a welcome gift of 35,000 miles or 15,000 miles + a 28 inch Samsonite Lite-Shock Spinner worth S$950
  • Up to 6 complimentary visits to airport lounges across the globe
  • Complimentary travel insurance up to $1 million
  • Complimentary 4-hour yacht hire
  • 24/7 concierge
  • Income tax payment facility
  • Up to 25% savings on fuel
  • Multitude of benefits at hotels, resorts, restaurants, spa outlets
  • Golf privileges
  • Minimum spend of S$2,000 per statement month required, otherwise miles earn rate is only 1 mile/S$
  • Non-waivable annual fee of S$588.50
  • VIP lounge access capped at 6 times a year

Let’s look at the features of the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card in more detail

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1. Up to 3 miles per S$1 spent overseas & up to 1.4 miles per S$1 spent locally in Singapore
The earn rates here are good, provided that you can meet the minimum monthly spend. That’s the first thing to think about.

Secondly, the earn rate on local spend is only marginally better than the other miles card out there, most of which do not require a minimum spend to earn at least 1.1-1.4 miles/dollar.

Thirdly, while you could be earning 3 miles/dollar for overseas spends, also remember that the foreign currency transaction fee imposed by Standard Chartered is one of the highest in Singapore, at 3.5%.

The good news is that the points don’t expire, much like other Visa Infinite cards such as the Citi Prestige Card and the OCBC VOYAGE Card.

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2. Welcome gift – 35,000 miles

We wrote before that there are some occasions when it’s worth paying your credit card annual fee. Although you don’t have a choice here, this is one of those times when your rewards outweigh the cost.

By paying S$588.50, you’ll be able to ‘buy’ 35,000 miles at a cost of 1.68 cents/mile. That’s a very good price, and it’s one of the lowest cost/mile in Singapore.

3. 6 complimentary visits at Priority Pass airport lounges

The Standard Chartered Visa Infinite gives us 6 complimentary visits a year, which rightly so, is more than the entry-level cards like DBS Altitude Card and Citi PremierMiles Card. However, other Visa Infinite cards like the Citi Prestige Card and HSBC Visa Infinite Card offer unlimited access to VIP airport lounges. In this aspect, the SC Visa Infinite Card pales in comparison.

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4. Up to S$1 million complimentary travel insurance

This benefit is pretty self-explanatory. Like all cards that offer this benefit, Standard Chartered also requires you to charge your entire travel – from flight bookings to hotel stays and car rentals – to your Visa Infinite Credit Card for the insurance coverage to kick in.

What else do you get with this Visa Infinite Credit Card?

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Standard Chartered is pretty adamant about the fact that this card allows you to embrace the infinite possibilities that lay before you. And with all of the privileges you get with this card, they just may be right.

Here are some of the key benefits you can get with the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card:

  • Spend S$75,000 in a calendar year and set sail on a luxurious voyage with a complimentary 4-hour yacht hire (valid until 31 December 2018).
  • If you don’t have time to plan your holiday, go shopping, or even pick up your dry cleaning, then not to worry! With your Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card, you now have access to Visa Infinite’s 24/7 concierge and emergency service.
  • If losing your card while overseas is something that keeps you up at night, then rest easy. The Visa Infinite Customer Centre is always ready to help you.
  • Earn Rewards Points by paying your income tax with your card. Yes, you do have to pay a processing fee of 1.6% on the tax amount, but you could see it as buying miles for 1.6 cents per mile.
    • The downside: The income tax charged to your card, does not count towards the minimum spend for the complimentary yacht hire.
  • Up to 25% savings on fuel purchases made at Caltex stations.
  • Hotel and dining privileges at Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, Andaz Singapore, The Luxe Nomad, Fullerton Hotel, Ritz-Carlton, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Mandarin Oriental

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Final thoughts on the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card

algo investing/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/[email protected]×02.png” alt=”SCB Visa Infinite Credit Card” width=”180″ height=”108″>SCB Visa Infinite Credit Card
Card Type: Air miles
Annual Fee: S$588.50
Apply Now
Show More Details

  • 3 miles per S$1 spent overseas
  • 1.4 miles per S$1 spent locally
  • S$2,000 minimum monthly spend
  • Up to S$1 million complimentary travel insurance
  • Up to 6 free visits to airport lounges across the globe each year

The Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card is worth getting ONLY if you are able to spend S$2,000 per month. If not, the flat rate of 1 mile per S$1 isn’t a great earning rate.

We don’t find that the lifestyle benefits in hotel and dining are significantly superior to those offered by other Visa Infinite Cards. The complimentary access to airport lounges also pales in comparison.

If you do not spend S$2,000 per month, you could consider the other cards in the same income bracket. Check out some of the reviews below to find out more.

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