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The Biggest ETH Meetup in Berlin Utilized DApps as Fully Operable Despite Platform’s Scalability Issues

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Crypto currency Ethereum. Source: shutterstock.com

Ethereum organized a massive meetup, this time in Berlin, where all interested ETH enthusiasts, holders and investors could attend while having operations like ticketing, booking and messaging completely backed up by decentralized applications (DApps) hosted on the Ethereum platform.

ETH Meetup in Berlin Utilizes DApps for All Event Operations

In the spirit of spreading the word about decentralization and the possibilities that go hand in hand with utilizing blockchain technology for different everyday operations, Ethereum organized a massive meetup in Berlin, said to be the biggest event of this type in the area by far.

On this occasion, all attendees were able to witness the practical side of DApps hosted on Ethereum by specifically utilizing them for operations like ticketing, validation of attendees, booking and other activities that were crucial for the proper organization of the event.

Ethereum is the largest platform in terms of deploying and utilizing decentralized applications while currently hosting the largest number of DApp developers when compared to its crypto peers.

With millions of dollars in revenue revolving around the DApp deployment, Ethereum is the ultimate leader in this field. However, current scalability issues are calling out to Vitalik Buterin, founder and CEO of Ethereum, to consider new integrations that would offer a long-term solution for creating an ultimately scalable decentralized network.

Ethereum Platform in Need of Scalability Solution

Although the meetup in Berlin, which officially started on August 7 and ended on August 9, demonstrated the operability of DApps by utilizing decentralized applications directly for all meetup operations, Buterin stated on this matter that the ETH dev team is preparing new integrations that would solve the scalability issues the platform is facing.

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