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The Ultimate List of Interior Designers To Avoid In Singapore

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$55,000 an average cost of renovating a HDB flat

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According to Consumers Association of Singapore, complaints involving contractors (renovation and interior design) take up 8% of the total complaints in the year 2017.

This percentage could have been higher given that a lot of such cases usually go unreported.

With renovation being one of the large ticket items for Singaporean couples, a trustworthy interior designing contractor is important. In the first 7 months of the year 2017, a total contract value of $8,420,000 was received over renovation complaints.

The ultimate list of interior designers to avoid in Singapore

To come out with the ultimate list, we combined the list we found on SMRT Feedback with that on Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE).

If you are looking to get a package from any of the contractor in the list below, do think twice.

No. Name of Interior Designer to Avoid
1 3Latte Pte Ltd
2 Absolute Design Associates Private Limited
3 A-Build Construction Pte/Ltd
4 A’Conceptz Design & Renovation Pte Ltd
6 Alam Living Interior Design Consultant -Ms Siti Hawa Bte Othman
7 Am Construction Technology Pte Ltd
8 Ansana Pte.Ltd.
9 Apco Pte Ltd
10 Bayview Concepts Pte Ltd
11 Behome Design Concept -Ng Chun Kiat
12 Blink 23 Pte Ltd
13 Blu Pin I.D Pte Ltd – Sia Chun Yi(She JunYi)
14 Briggs Design Pte Ltd/ Pemplas Interior Pte Ltd
16 Chan Chee Seng( Zeng ZhiSheng )
17 Chan Yi Quian Brenden t/a Board of Designers
18 Chia Su Yung
19 Chiam Ser Ko t/a Festal Interior Reno
20 Chong Sen Construction Pte Ltd
21 Colour Centre Pte Ltd
22 Cozy Loft Pte Ltd
23 Creaction Design Pte Ltd
24 Creative Interior Design – Mr Tan Yong Heng
25 Da Vidbox Designs Pte Ltd
26 De Ir Pte Ltd
27 Décor Studio Pte Ltd
28 D’Concept Design Private Limited
29 D’Poh Interior Pte Ltd
30 Dream Innovatus Home
31 Eco Intergrated Pte Ltd
32 Edsel Design&Renovation Pte Ltd
33 Eins Construction Pte ltd
34 Elementz Design Studio
35 EL-FA Team Pte Ltd
36 Emmanuel Reno & Services
37 ER Concept Plt Ltd
38 Expeditious Pte Ltd
40 Façade Holdings Pte Ltd
42 Foccus Interior Pte Ltd
43 Focusstudio Pte Ltd
44 Fu Fang Ruo t/a Bizwiz Construction & Services
45 Genesis ID Pte Ltd
46 Genesis ID Pte Ltd
47 GS Creative Pte Ltd
48 Haller (Far East) Private Limited
49 Hauslab Design&Build Pte Ltd
50 Hiaxia Crystal Constrcution Pte Ltd
51 Hong Choon Building Construction
52 I1 Reno Pte Ltd
53 Icon D’Zigne Pte Ltd
54 Icon Studio P/L
55 IDA Construction Pte Ltd
56 Illusion Design & Contract Pte Ltd
57 In-Base Interior Design -Tan Lay Nah
58 Innerspace Interior Pte Ltd
59 Island Lifestyle Group Pte.Ltd.
60 J-Plan Associates Pte Ltd
61 J-Plan Associates Pte.Ltd.
62 JS Devise Private Limited
63 JST Creations t/a Tan Lay Hoon
64 K Jensen Pte Ltd
65 Ke Kim Ching t/a Goodrich Building and Trading
66 Kenreno Construction&Trading
67 KK Workshop Pte Ltd
68 Koon Seng Renovation Contractor
69 Lau Yong Koi t/a Crystal Pool Building and Services
70 Lim Lee Hoon t/a Junying Design&Construction
71 Limmax ID Pte Ltd
72 Lines & Angels Private Limted
73 Linewerkz Pte Ltd
74 Luxur I.D. Pte Ltd
75 Markwell Design&Contract Pte Ltd
78 MH Builders Pte Ltd – Mr Chng Chee Ann
79 Mr Lim Soo Tat t/a Roca Vida
80 Mr Teo E-Shen
81 Mr Yang Johnson
82 Mr Zulkanain Bin Amin
83 Mycenean Design-Profession Pte Ltd
84 New Age Construction&Trading Pte Ltd
85 Nexus Interior Pte.Ltd.
86 Ng Meng Teck formerly t/a Ben Design&Build
87 Omni Construction Pte Ltd
88 OP3 International Pte Ltd
89 Penthouse Interior&Trading Pte Ltd
90 PNI Homes Pte Ltd
91 Point Design City Development Pte.Ltd.
92 Point Design City Development Pte.Ltd.
93 Reka Bina Pte Ltd (RB Services Pte Ltd)
94 S.A.C (PTE) LTD
95 Sek Loong Trading& Construction Service Pte Ltd
96 Sim Wee Kiat t/a Witz Studio
97 Siong Lee Contractor
99 Solidform Trading – Koh Huang Sim
100 Studio Q Design(Pte Ltd)
101 Tan Meng Hua
102 Tan Tian Bok/Tan Tian Ci both t/a Jiamei Furnishings
103 Techgroup E&C Pte Ltd
104 The 80’S Studio
105 The Creative Formation Pte Ltd
106 The Metaphysics Practice -Kua Joo Siang Raymond (Hafary as Third party)
108 Timlord Construction Pte.Ltd
109 TMG Cornerstone Pte.Ltd.
110 Tycoon Construction Pte Ltd
111 Vent Engineering Pte Ltd
112 Wallstreet Interior Pte Ltd
113 Well-Know Engineering Pte Ltd
114 Weng Stone Trading Pte Ltd
115 Workshop I.D & Build Pte Ltd
116 WTH Builders
117 WYS Engineering & Construction P/L
118 YCM Construction Pte Ltd
119 YKS Builders & Engineering P/L
120 Zen Seng Pte Ltd
122 ZQ Studio Pte Ltd – Victor Yeong Kong Khuen

Further reading: How to spot a renovation scam?

The sad part about renovation scams is the long process before it gets reported.

autopilot trading.sg/blacklisted-interior-designers-to-avoid-singapore-renovation-scams/giphy-32-3/” data-orig-file=”https://i0.wp.com/blog.autopilot trading.sg/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/giphy-32.gif?fit=480%2C420&ssl=1″ data-orig-size=”480,420″ data-comments-opened=”0″ data-image-meta='{“aperture”:”0″,”credit”:””,”camera”:””,”caption”:””,”created_timestamp”:”0″,”copyright”:””,”focal_length”:”0″,”iso”:”0″,”shutter_speed”:”0″,”title”:””,”orientation”:”0″}’ data-image-title=”giphy (32)” data-image-description=”” data-medium-file=”https://i0.wp.com/blog.autopilot trading.sg/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/giphy-32.gif?fit=300%2C263&ssl=1″ data-large-file=”https://i0.wp.com/blog.autopilot trading.sg/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/giphy-32.gif?fit=480%2C420&ssl=1″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-20905″ src=”https://i0.wp.com/blog.autopilot trading.sg/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/giphy-32.gif?resize=480%2C420&ssl=1″ alt=”” width=”480″ height=”420″ data-recalc-dims=”1″>

  • A victim needs to first recognise that he has been scammed. This process usually takes up months before the realisation kicks.
  • Usually, quite a huge amount of money is involved which means a troublesome process for the victim in hope of recouping his loss through various means.

By the time a scam got reported, a few other victims would have fallen for the scam by the same ” interior company”.

Types of renovation scams

There are a few common scam methods being adopted these days:

  • Work not done after initial payment, with work falling short of what was promised. When victims grew anxious about the completion deadline of their home, the contractor demanded further payment.
  • Interior designers falling to provide the promised service after payment.
  • Provides an attractive renovation package, but materials used were not of the promised quality.
  • There are also cases where interior designers disappeared after the first payment was made.

What can consumers look out for?

As mentioned in one of our interviews with 4 interior design experts, here are some things we can lookout for.

  • It is important to research the credentials and history of the interior designer that you will be using, before making your first payment.
  • While cheaper packages may seem attractive, it usually comes with a price. One of such is the compromising of quality of the materials used.
  • It is important to set a realistic budget and educate yourself on the information on sales and promotions before heading out to search for an interior designer.
  • Usually getting a quotation from a few interior designers is necessary. If a package appears too good to be true, it probably is.
  • The most one should be paying is a 20% deposit at most. If the interior designer is asking for a percentage such as 50%, maybe it is time to think twice.

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