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Tim Cook Believes Privacy Has Become a Crisis, Says Apple Treasures User Data

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Paris, France - Mar 27, 2019 Man POV at iPad Pro tablet reading on Apple.com website about new Apple Card a new level of privacy and security message - Image

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has stated that its customers are not products. Instead, the company’s products are iPhones and iPads. For this reason, Cook added that Apple treasures its users’ data and would ensure that it is kept private and safe at all times.

Digital Privacy Has Become a Crisis

The CEO of Apple, in a recent interview with ABC News, pointed out that digital privacy has become a crisis. He made this assertion while talking about his company’s stance on privacy and the need for the US to adopt stricter rules around collecting data.

According to Cook, Apple sells iPhones and iPads, and not user data. While companies like Facebook and Google are making a massive amount of money from selling consumer data, Cook says that Apple treasures its user’s data and will continue to work to help ensure it’s kept safe and private.

During the interview, Cook told Diane Sawyer that privacy had become a severe issue to the extent that it can now be termed as a crisis. The CEO pointed out the vast amount of information available online, adding that people who track on the internet know more about you than somebody peeping at you through your window every day.

He stated that the vast amount of data available online is the reason why privacy has become a critical issue to address. Cook, who has been an advocate for consumer data protection over the years believes that the United States needs to adopt more stringent rules for privacy, similar to what is present in Europe today.

The Apple CEO wants the US government to roll out regulation that would make it hard for tech companies to collect user data while ensuring that consumers gain more transparency in the process. He also urged authorities to put pressure on data brokers that are transferring consumer data between different companies.

Although Cook views digital privacy as a crisis at the moment, he believes it is a problem that can be solved. He stated that it is essential that the problem is fixed, as other issues have been tackled in the past. Cook added that Apple could be relied upon as an ally in the fight for consumer data privacy and protection.

Apple Partners With Google Because It Is the Best Browser

While Apple doesn’t sell user data and make a profit in the process, the company is working with Google which is one of the biggest companies selling consumer data. Sawyer noted that Apple benefits from its deal with Google, with Goldman Sachs estimating that the iPhone manufacturer could earn as much as $12 billion from Google in 2019.

However, Cook revealed that Apple works with Google because it believes it is the best browser currently available. The Google search engine serves as the default browser on iPhone’s Safari browsers.

The issue of consumer privacy continues to be a hot topic of discussion as Google, Facebook and other tech giants make billions of dollars annually from selling user data to third-party companies.

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