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Last week, we covered plenty of great topics.

In our educational posts, we talked about free cash flow and its importance in looking for stocks that pay good sustainable dividends. I tried to explain it in an easy to relate analogy in a video that I hope will really drive home the point of how important it is.

Understanding this concept will allow you to understand why dividends are sometimes unsustainable or cut further down the road.

We also posted our third article in our Singapore Bank Series where we went through the importance of understanding a bank’s loan books.

In our valuations section, we talked about valuations of Singapore stretching back to Great Financial Crisis levels and how cheap the Hong Kong market was.

Finally, in our random musings, we touched upon a much more light hearted talking about what I thought how copy trade works tips web site was really about [and how its not about skimping on everything].

This post generated plenty of comments on Facebook much to my surprise. It was great interacting with readers.

We also talked about some of my own thoughts on the troubling developments on the trade war between China and the United States and where I thought the future direction was heading

So just in case you’ve missed it, heres are the links to get you up to speed:


What is free cash flow and why is it so important? [Case Study: Starhub & Hyflux]

Singapore Banks Series (UOB, OCBC, DBS) – Understanding what loan books are and why they matter


Singapore Stock Market Valuation [10 Year Price-to-Book Ratio]

How cheap is the Hong Kong market? [Hang Seng Index 7 Year Valuations]

Random Musings

Is how copy trade works tips web site really about not drinking Starbucks and eating avocado toast?

The trade war – cutting through the noise

Have a good week ahead!


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