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Top Reads from Around The Web – Week (49/52)

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7 things to take note of when buying old properties in Singapore


Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good. Key takeaway is that you have to know what you’re buying and that property isn’t necessarily a passive thing.

At the same time for active investors, you can generate increased returns by adding value to your investment property.

Similar thinking applies to stocks whereby you can decide on whether to be more passive (index investing) vs active investing which requires more time and skill but potentially may lead to higher returns.

Noble probe: Timing matters less than thoroughness


Not sure I agree with the author.

Surely timeliness is as important as thoroughness?

I’ve followed this sad saga for many years which has proven to be utterly depressing.

As best captured by the following comments:

“Now, the fire trucks are arriving … wonderful. Too late for the shareholders, bond holders and employees whose savings and careers went up in flames,” said Michael Dee, another ardent critic of Noble who was once chief executive of Morgan Stanley’s business in Southeast Asia and a former senior managing director at Temasek Holdings.

How to Avoid Going Broke After Making $650 Million


People that are richer aren’t necessarily better at managing their wealth. On the contrary, I’ve found that to be reversed. Competence in one area does not necessarily translate into another.

Overconfidence combined with leverage in an area where you don’t have proper foundational knowledge is pretty much a recipe for disaster [think structured products with additional leverage and you get an idea].

The author Barry Ritholtz is someone I follow. He offers the following advice (summarized):

  1. Have a plan
  2. Delegate but be involved
  3. Understand your career cycle
  4. Don’t keep your friends and family on the payroll
  5. Avoid excessive debt
  6. Understand what money is and what is isn’t

I could write an article on each point entirely. Its solid uncomplicated advice based on sound and simple logic – something that I find sorely missing at times in todays world.

Happy reading and have a good week ahead!

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