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Tradephoria review

Tradephoria review

Tradephoria review

Tradephoria platform is a very successful fusion of conventional trading platform and innovative gaming software, allowing traders to utilize their knowledge of markets and trading experience, as eventually the game outcome comes to the prediction of the underlying asset price at the moment of game expiry. Already, just from the name of the service, it becomes clear what exactly this company offers. Tradephoria – euphoria and excitement of trading!

Tradephoria, like conventional binary trading, is also about “all or nothing” concept, but the difference is that when playing Tradephoria you know your investment amount from the start, but the reward is growing along with the number of players joining the game. Many players can join one table but they are not competing as their goal is to make a right prediction of the asset price at the game expiry. If several players make correct prediction the reward is divided between them, if no one wins the game the reward gets transferred to the next game and turns into a Jackpot.

Most reviews concerning Tradephoria are positive and come from a strong cross section of professional traders as well as from trading beginners and those who join the game for the sake of thrill and excitement. It is certainly an innovative product that allows people to bet against the price of currency pairs, gold, oil or shares. One of the strongest features of Tradephoria is a compilation of several types of gaming tables under which customers can earn a potential income. Using this system a trader simply needs to determine the price at the time of the game expiration, or, to be precise, to determine a winning corridor of the asset price.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the choice of banking methods. When depositing funds into an account, traders are offered the choice of methods that they find most convenient including credit cards, Skrill and other electronic wallets. If you encounter any difficulties in the process for a withdrawal of funds, do not hesitate to contact their specialists for assistance. Also, when you make your first withdrawal, keep in mind that the procedure for checking account information will be used by the company to prevent fraud and falsification. So, it may take a few days. Tradephoria is applying a 15% commission charge on winnings.


Tradephoria has many positive characteristics making it a very inviting platform. The company eagerly encourages its customers and offers very attractive programs. For further details, be sure to read their terms and conditions before entering the game. If you are a beginner, Tradephoria offers various kinds of training, both theoretical and practical. You can find useful articles on the subject of Tradephoria and videos that highlight the main aspects of the game. You may also find information about the various strategies and the psychology of using Tradephoria.