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Travel Rewards Credit Cards – Are They For You?

Travel Rewards Credit Cards - Are They For You?Hello! Today, I’ve partnered with Lexington Law to talk about travel rewards credit cards.

Travel rewards credit cards are extremely popular right now. For me, I’ve been interested in them for a few years now, and lately, it seems to be all I hear about when I hear of someone talking about going on a vacation.

You can read about one example at How To Take A 10 Day Trip To Hawaii For $22.40 – Flights & Accommodations Included.

Articles like that can make travel rewards credit cards seem amazing.

I absolutely love travel rewards credit cards too. In fact, I’ve gone on many extremely cheap vacations due to travel rewards credit cards, I’ve received lots of free cash back, I’ve taken first class flights for super cheap due to travel rewards points, and more.


However, are travel rewards credit cards for everyone?

Using your credit card means that you can gain points and get things for free or cheap such as airplane tickets, gift cards, hotels, cash, etc., all for simply using your credit card. If you are going to pay for something anyway, then you might as well get something for free out of it, right?

Credit cards can be used to pay for many things – almost anything and everything that you can think of.

And, this is what I like about travel rewards credit cards. I’m already going to use my credit card, so I like to get some kind of bonus for using it if it exists!

And, using a credit card can also an easy way to track your transactions. I like credit cards because I can easily track my transactions and see where my money has gone. With cash, I always find myself wondering what I spent all my money on.


What are the disadvantages of travel rewards credit cards?

I think there are advantages to using credit cards as listed above, but there may also be disadvantages.

One big negative of travel rewards credit cards is that many people find themselves spending more in order to reach a travel rewards bonus, such as if you have to spend $3,000 within the first 3 months in order to qualify for a bonus. If you weren’t normally going to spend $3,000, then the bonus may not be worth it. Going into debt in order to qualify for a credit card bonus is probably 99% of the time a bad decision (I won’t say 100% because I’m sure someone can prove me wrong, haha!).

Also, you want to make sure that you don’t hurt your credit score in the end.

If you don’t use credit cards correctly, it can lead to it decreasing and possibly ruining your credit score. There are correct ways to use your credit card:

  • Always pay your bills on time.
  • Try to pay the full balance each month if you can.
  • Watch your utilization rate.

If you’re looking to improve your credit history, then you may want to look into Lexington Law.

They did over 10,000,000 removals just in 2017!

By improving your credit score with Lexington Law, this may help you to qualify for higher quality travel rewards cards. Of course, you don’t want to use credit cards if you can’t control yourself (and go into debt), but if you can control yourself, then using credit cards to your advantage can be a great thing!

If you contact Lexington Law, then they will give you:

  • Free personalized credit consultation
  • Free access to your TransUnion report summary
  • Free credit report review and recommended solutions

Lexington Law has been around for several years and has helped many, many people increase their credit score. They can help you remove items from your credit report such as items in collections, late payments, judgments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and more, which can help you to increase your credit score.

Do you use travel rewards credit cards?

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