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TRON Releases Dapp Weekly Report: Two Tron-based Decentralized Exchanges Launched

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The Tron project published its Dapp weekly report on Dec. 14th in which it highlighted key milestones such as the launch of two decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Tron is doing a good job in publicizing its growing Dapp ecosystem, and this will potentially direct more users to the platform.

Tron managed to establish a cooperation with CropBytes.

The popularity of Tron’s Dapps is shown by the increase in the number of transaction volume for Dapps.

Two Tron-Based DEX’s Launched

Two decentralized exchanges based on Tron were launched during the week.

TRX Market was launched on Dec. 12th. It was developed by the Tron community. The new DEX supports three tokens – GOC, BET, and FUN – and they are all paired with Tron’s TRX token.

“It is the TRC20 order matching exchange by the Tronscan Team after TRC10 Bancor exchange,” read part of the report.

GOC is another exchange that was launched during the week and is described as the “first TRC20 and TRC10 exchange of Tron.’

The TRC10 exchange is similar to Tronscan DEX which shares the same principal code, and the only difference is the UI. GOC’s TRC20 exchange functions as an order matching exchange and its native token GOC is listed on the platform.

GOC tokens have a total circulation of 10 billion and two methods are used to maintain the intrinsic value of the token.

The first method is to repurchase or burn the tokens using 20 percent of the profit until 5 billion tokens are burnt. The second method involves the platform sharing half of the service fee with GOC holders once a week – on Fridays.

Nine TRC20 tokens were listed on Tronscan and the majority of them were issued through Dapp projects.

1,500 TRC10 have been listed on Tronscan, and this number keeps on growing. This is because it is easy for users to create a TRC10 token – they need to have 1024 TRX.

However, it is a little more difficult to create a TRC20 token as the users are required to write smart contracts. As more Tron exchanges are launched:

“Tokens of Dapp projects will have higher liquidity and Dapps will have more active users, and the trading volume of the entire TRON network will be taken to a new level.”

Transactions, Dapps, and Partnerships

The 24-hour transaction number for Dapps increased by 48 percent from last week to reach 1.04 million. On the other hand, the 24-hour trading volume increased significantly by 151 percent to hit 640 million TRX.

The significant increase in both indexes is a clear indication of the popularity of Tron’s Dapps.

Tron’s cooperation with CropBytes will see the later build a virtual farming game on Tron. The game is yet to be officially launched and is only in the pre-sale stage

Coin War, a game developed by FCC has been updated and now interacts with smart contracts – allowing the Dapp to fully decentralized.

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