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Tron Releases September Review, 90% Nodes Complete Version 3.1 Upgrade

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TRON Coin (TRX) Blockchain Cryptocurrency Altcoin 3D Render. TRON TRX is a blockchain based decentralized protocol that aims to construct a worldwide free content entertainment system. Source: shutterstock.com

The blockchain is evolving faster than many of us thought about a year ago. Tron’s journey from an offshoot of the Ethereum blockchain running an ERC20 token to a unique project that combines several aspects of media, entertainment, and content distribution is like a fairy tale. The past one year has been very eventful for the project. However, Sept. 2018 brought some crucial points for the blockchain’s future to the forefront, and Tron Foundation shared these events in a monthly review report published recently.

Upgrades, TVM, and More

Version 3.1 of the Tron network has been updated by 90% of the nodes, including Super Representatives and exchanges. Out of the 27 Super Representatives, only one is left to conduct a final review before the upgrade. Once done, the new version will be ready to activate. Voting will be held on Oct. 8, after which the TVM could be officially activated. It is expected that during the week leading up to the vote, decentralized exchanges and the committee could be activated as well.

The network has planned to roll out one small upgrade and one big upgrade every quarter for the smooth functioning of the network. The small upgrade will focus mostly on creating a performance enhancement update to the previous version and could be optional. The big upgrade will be making changes to the major features of the network. It would be updated via committee voting. For Q4, a small upgrade will be released on Nov. 15, followed by a major update at the end of the year.

Version 3.2 and Tron’s Decentralization Dream

As per the Tron Foundation’s blog post:

“For Version 3.2, TRON will first optimize the performance of the solidity nodes. TRON will also use memory database as the default main database, which will enhance the performance and help with situations like node reboot, outage or other exceptions.”

The network will also create auto backups of the database so that nodes do not have to resynchronize data. Logs and documentation will be organized in the meantime to help developers. The big update for Q4 will include a FastSync function for complex contracts, anonymous transaction function, and multisignature function. It will also add a BFT consensus mechanism to Version 3.5, which will help in increasing the network’s TPS figures.

The Foundation claimed to be more decentralized than BTC and EOS and suggested that it has plans for further decentralization. The network will use physical servers and mixed clouds for better-decentralized networks.

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