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Webinar Updates [This Saturday] – How to find growing dividend stocks in 2019

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Just a quick update on our webinar – I was hoping for 50 people to sign up, but the count so far is 189!

This is a far better response than I hoped. As this is the first webinar I am self-hosting, I am pretty excited and stoked. Hopefully, no technical issues are faced (fingers crossed) but bear with me if they do pop up.

Peak preview of our coming presentation

If you haven’t signed up, you can do so on the link below.

How to find growing dividend-paying stocks in 2019 in Singapore
Saturday, 20 April at 8:30pm

If you have a problem signing up, you can do so directly here.

I’ve been working on the presentation slides, and we are going to cover a ton of great content. We are going build the case for dividend cash flow investing, and talk about the things that investors should focus on when building a growing dividend portfolio.

Just as important, we are going to talk about the common pitfall investors face when selecting dividend stocks. As Warren Buffett is fond of remarking – the first rule of investing is not to lose money. The second is not to forget rule number one.

Finally, we are going to talk about the one metric that investors love to focus on which is detrimental to your investing returns. I see it happen time and time again and investors must take all steps to guard themselves against this.

Other topics featured on the webinar:

1. The financial case for dividend investing and how it can benefit your portfolio

I will run through the academic evidence for dividend investing and the countries that you want to be investing in for maximum tax efficiency for the highest income return.

2. The crucial rules for creating a dividend portfolio that keeps growing every year

I will share with you the traits of companies that you should be looking for to find businesses that are not only able to sustain their dividends, but grow them over time too.

3. How to avoid stocks that are about to cut their dividend resulting in massive losses

I will draw on my own personal experiences and case studies to share with you the red flags and pitfalls that you must watch out for to avoid crippling losses that can cause significant losses to your investment portfolio.

4. Introduction to the best free and paid resources for financial data and their pros and cons

I will share the resources available on the web for retail investors that you can use to find good dividend-paying stocks. More importantly, I will also share the pros and cons of each data source.

On a side note, we had a couple of questions stream in so far.

Do get your questions to me soon as I always love a good discussion.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday evening!

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