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Weekly Price Analysis Overview Dec.26: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Bytecoin

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The recent increase touched the $4200 price resistance. The failed attempt to break up had led to a violent reaction as the crypto currency lost $500 in one day. The nearest support is not far – around $ 3600. If the support breaks down, the chances are that the rally from the past week will be forgotten and we will see another attempt to test of the annual support area around $3000.
A positive sign came from the 50-day moving average that recently crossed over the 200-day moving average line; this has not happened since Bitcoin was $6300. Also to mention is that support is being built around the 200 days moving average.


Against the dollar, the price rose as soon as the resistance around $115 was breached. An overly sharp rise to $157 led to a quick correction down and the attempt to bounce back encountered resistance around the $130 level. Support is at $120 (weak support).

Against Bitcoin, traded around the 0.033 BTC level. Support around this range is a little fragile, after the sharp increase since the beginning of December. Resistance in this range is at 0.036 BTC price mark.

Bitcoin Cash


Against the dollar, since the floor around $75, BCH soared to $230. This was an impressive 200% from the bottom’s floor. Currently traded around $170, resistance in this range is at $185; support lies around $150 and holds in the meantime.

Against Bitcoin, BCH ABC had completed a 100% gain from the floor and traded around 0.045 BTC. Resistance – 0.052BTC, support – 0.04BTC.


Against the dollar, BSV is traded around $92. There attempt to break up had reached up to $128. Attempts to find support around $100 have failed so that level had turned into resistance. Support lies at $ 88.

Against Bitcoin, traded around 0.024 BTC where lies the closest support. An attempt to break up could turn to be a double top (a bearish pattern) around 0.032 BTC. Resistance in this range is at 0.028BTC.

Bytecoin BCN

BCN presents an interesting weekly chart: Traded around 19 SAT. Since the correction that began in May marked 16 SAT as a long-term support level. Resistance lies around 22 SAT. Volatility seems to have moderated a bit, while BCN lies near a strong support area.

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