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Will Foresting Social Platform change the way you spend your social media time?

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How do you use your time on social media? Does it benefit you to spend most of your time on social media chatting with friends? Did you know that your personal information on the platform is a valuable asset for platform operators and their stakeholders? Did you know it could be so for you too?

These are some of the concerns in the social media realm that have hit the minds of many people in the past few years. They make the use of social media that is supposed to be fun something entirely different.

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Now social media is essential to the world today more than ever

  • It changes the election culture. If you consider the picture that Barrack Obama posted on Twitter after his second re-election, you will realize just how influential social platforms are. The photo featured him embracing his wife, and 680 people shared it. Apart from that, his campaign team featured Chris Hughes who is a Facebook co-founder.
  • Social media serves as a social change channel. Young and old people are using social media to spread the ideas to others. Revolutions have been created and implemented through social media.

The social problem: centralization

The figures from 2018 show that there are over 3 billion social media users in the world, a number that keeps growing. Because of this, a new digital economy has emerged in the world to improve on the current system.

There are standard features that most of the social platforms on the market today display. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn share some traits. Many people have come out to work on these common features. User experience and behavior are some of the metrics used to measure what happens on the platforms.

These are some of the social media concepts that have seen tremendous success. Due to their existence, other technologies have cropped up. The increase in the use of Smartphones and mobile app service is due to social media. Many online contents today focus on mobile friendliness.

Content generated by users within the social platform has generated billions of dollars. These are benefits and profits shared only among the platform managers and their stakeholders. Meaning that, without the users, these companies would not be where they are today.

The most valuable assets of social media platforms are the user-generated content through user interactions. But these services are centralized, and the users don’t even have control to this information.

There is a tremendous increase in the selling of user information for gains. There are also issues of personal information leakage and theft and advertisement abuse not to mention issues with value distribution.

The Foresting Platform

This is a social media platform based on blockchain technology. It is not only a site for meeting and communicating with friends free of charge, but it also has a Foresting bank for decentralized transactions.

Foresting network connects the world and makes the world better with a blockchain rewarding social platform. This is to say, you use social media free of charge and get to be rewarded at the same time. Not to mention the unique credit system offered by Foresting bank and innovation possibilities from Foresting bank.


One of the most critical aspects of human lives is the value of time. Most people today, especially the millennials spend most of their time on social media. Foresting Network is a game changer that allows you to socialize and benefit from the platform as well.

The best part is, it is decentralized!

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