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Will World Bit Bank repeat the PRE-ICO Success?

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When the finest hour comes to an end, the excitement associated with fears of not repeating former success always comes to be. It is exactly the same in cryptocurrency sphere. You can achieve immense success on the very beginning of your project development, but by the middle of your way everyone can easily forget about you and your ideas, but find someone more interesting and new.


Please Note: This is a Press Release

World Bit Bank team have done a great job in the past half year. The total number of tokens pre-sale amounted to more than 15 million EURO. The project became one of the best in 2018 year and it seemed to be known and spoken about by everybody in crypto. By imposing a query to Google, you will find hundreds of articles, videos and project reviews. News portals have tirelessly published information about developing the World’s first legal cryptocurrency bank and popular ICO-lists, such as ICObench, rated the project at 5.0.

Now the team is busy with last preparations before the main sale, which ostensibly is far from succumbing to it, but will probably increase the collections. There are several reasons for that, which we will consider below.

First of all, it should be noted that the development team have released a test version of WBB Wallet even before the end of PRE-ICO. The decision not to wait till the end of pre-sale, but to please the community of project was accepted by the founders in gratitude for the trust and participation in project. This has also  signaled the team is not going to relax, but is set for serious work and fulfilling declared promises.

The team is preparing for issuing payment cards for investors straight away. In total, it is planned to issue three types of cards, the distribution of which will depend on the investment.  The CLASSIC card will be given to investors whose investment amount is from 1 to 3 ETH; GOLD card will be given to users who invested from 3 to 10 ETH. The most prestigious card is PLATINUM, its owners will be users who invested starting from 10 ETH or more. And what brings glad is that World Bit Bank team isn’t going to leave “small investors” out of the picture, they will get their own virtual cards with a full range of World Bit Bank services.

In the period between PRE-ICO and main token sale, the huge number of crypto enthusiasts as well as people who are just starting their way in the World of cryptocurrency, have joined World Bit Bank community. Project team is actively managing social networks by posting various trading lifehacks, fresh news, major projects events as well as the Worldwide Crypto-Currency.

The experts in banking and legal spheres have joined the list of  project’s advisers in order to help the team implementing their ideas within the framework of existing legislation. Besides of it, the team has announced its intention to list WBBC token on popular crypto – exchanges after the end of ICO. Right now, the negotiations with approved exchanges are under way.

All of these leads us to underscore the fact that World Bit Bank road is just beginning and we should definitely be awaited by successful ICO, the start of which is planned on the 1th of September already! All details via link https://wbb.io

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