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With ShopBack Button You Will Never Miss Out On Free Money Online Again

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loyal forex has been a loyal user of ShopBack for several years now but a couple of things still annoy him:

  • Forgetting to go to merchant store via the ShopBack website;
  • Purchasing from a merchant store not realising that it is listed on ShopBack

Such careless mistakes have agonizingly led to some hard-earned cashback going down the drain. #leakage However, such heart-rending episodes shall now be a thing of the past as ShopBack has launched an improved version of the ShopBack Button. If you have installed ShopBack Button (you get $5 cashback bonus on your first purchase) just like loyal forex did, you will never miss out on free money online again! Here is an anecdote on how the ShopBack Button salvaged some cashback for loyal forex that would have otherwise disappeared into thin air.

Online Grocery Shopping

loyal forex and Heartland Girl officially moved into their modest 3-bedroom BTO last weekend. It was easily one of the most hectic periods that they have ever experienced in their lives. (An overworked Heartland Girl revealed that she even dreamt of herself unpacking boxes on her first night. how romantic) While they tried to pack as much as possible, some of the things that they did not bring over from their parents’ home were daily necessities such as toilet paper, toothpaste and condiments. Traumatized at the thought of having to lug back another heavy box (of groceries) to the new home, loyal forex did what most millennials have now grown used to – online shopping.

His first port of call was actually Cold Storage and not Redmart. That was because Redmart seemed to have lost its edge after being ported over to Lazada’s user interface. When loyal forex went to Cold Storage’s online site, it did not for a moment occur to him that Cold Storage is one of the hundreds of merchants listed on ShopBack’s platform. Thankfully, he had earlier installed the ShopBack Button (being kiasu) which immediately gave him a prompt upon landing at Cold Storage’s website. Like a kid in a candy store, all he did was to simply click “Activate Cashback” and the bar turned green to notify him that his purchase was being tracked as shown in Diagram 1.


Diagram 1: ShopBack Button indicated that cashback has been successfully activated

As luck would have it, it turned out that Cold Storage was one of the few merchants listed on ShopBack’s 5.15 mega sale! Therefore, as a first-timer, loyal forex could enjoy an upsized 15% cashback. This incredible sequence of events went on as loyal forex managed to stretch his dollar EVEN further by applying Cold Storage’s own welcome promo code “WELCOME 10”. This gave him $10 discount as he met the minimum spend of $100. To add to his satisfaction, free delivery was thrown in too! He was thankful that he did not have to lug home bulky items such as toilet rolls, tissue boxes and even a sack of rice! They were all crucial essentials that a first-time home-owner like him needed and that explained why he had no difficulty hitting the minimum spend either! Here is a summary of how he fared from a day of epic savings:


Diagram 2: Salvaged $32.80 (27.6%) of cash thanks to ShopBack ShopBack Button

Diagram 2 shows that loyal forex enjoyed an effective cashback rate of 27.6%. This was a result of a potent combination of merchant welcome promo code, ShopBack’s supersized cashback sale + a generous cashback credit card rebate. He was so thankful that he did not miss out on the supersized cashback as the very helpful ShopBack Button prompted him while he was focused on the objective of ensuring that his new home would be well-stocked. Guess the cashback in Diagram 3 is a small house-warming gift from ShopBack!


Diagram 3: Supersized cashback deposited into his ShopBack account the next day

So…. What Is ShopBack Button?

The ShopBack Button is a free and convenient internet browser extension that will notify users on the opportunity to earn cashback whenever they shop on a merchant website. It is available for download on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Here is how to get the ShopBack Button to work:

Step 1: Install the ShopBack Button that is compatible with your preferred internet browser version as shown in Diagram 4


Diagram 4: Install ShopBack Button for free to ensure your online cashback is easily tracked!

Step 2:  If you land on a merchant store while browsing online, a notification box on the top-right hand corner will pop up and notify you that you can be entitled to cashback from this website. Click ‘Activate Cashback’. The notification would now turn green.

Step 3: Continue shopping as per normal. Once you have successfully cart out, you will find your cashback tracked in your ShopBack account in the next couple of days

Note: You do not have to arrive at merchant website via the ShopBack platform to be eligible for cashback. 

Same Taobao, But Cheaper

Another amazing discovery is that ShopBack Button works on Taobao as well. Taobao has a trove of treasures listed on its website that will definitely sit well in loyal forex’s new home. He is looking forward to TMall 520 Thanksgiving Sale where there will also be free shopping thrown in! (perfect for big bulky household items that need to be shipped) He hopes that he would have regained his energy by then so that he can use the combination of Tmall 520 Sale and ShopBack Button to increase his savings further. You can watch how ShopBack Button makes the shopping experience on Taobao as seamless as possible.

Get ShopBack Button Now

If you are not saving on your online shopping yet, sign up for ShopBack via this link and get $5 cashback. Furthermore, anyone (existing ShopBack users included) who installs the ShopBack Button and make his/her first purchase receives $5 cashback as well! With ShopBack Button, loyal forex is thankful that will never rue another day of squandered cashback.

This article is written in collaboration with ShopBack but the opinions expressed here are entirely his own.

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